One Individual Goes Off on Twitter About Biden’s Policies Killing the US – She’s Right

One individual went off on social media on the Biden Administration and the idiots who surround him and applaud his evil ways.

Carol Roth claims the following on her website:

Carol Roth is a content creator, “recovering” investment banker, author of The War on Small Business, entrepreneur, TV pundit and host, and New York Times bestselling author of The Entrepreneur Equation.

She has worked in a variety of capacities across industries, including currently as an outsourced CCO, as a director on public and private company boards and as a strategic advisor. She advocates for small business, small government and big hair.

Ms. Roth went off on the Biden Administration and apparently has since April when she posted this:

So, I guess we aren’t saving 16 cents on our 4th of July BBQs this year?

Yesterday Roth went off on the simple-minded and dimwitted politicians who understand nothing.

We are 100% in the position we are now because too many people believed you could suck the rainbow farts out of unicorns’ asses instead of reality.

And then this:

If you thought you could turn on and off the economy like you were power-cycling a modem without massive issues…

She followed this up with another couple of bombs for the small-minded.

If you thought the Fed could just add almost $9 trillion to its balance sheet and the govt could spend trillions it wouldn’t have inflationary consequences…

and then this:

If you think you can just stop producing traditional sources of energy without impacting costs, food supply, available power and general human well being…

She ended by destroying those who think destroying the police will make things better.

If you think you can reduce policing and penalties and not get more serious crime…

And finished with this:

Stop indulging these delusional lunatics. We live in reality and we have to deal with the real consequences of their fantasies.

Ms. Roth covered a lot with those tweets.  Crime, inflation, the price of gas, the US Deficit, and pain and suffering amongst US families are way up, while 401ks, the markets, and financial bliss are way down.  

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