5 Key Lessons From My Student’s $288K Trading Day {VIDEO}

I just finished a zoom meeting with my millionaire student Mark Croock to talk about his insane weekend gains — watch it here.

Now, I have five top lessons I think every trader can learn from Mark’s trade. And it’s not just about gains … It’s about mentality, losses, and more! Tune in to the video below to learn…

  • What Mark’s average profit per trade is —  when you know, you’ll truly appreciate how incredible his trade is.
  • The signs I look for when trading a breakout…
  • How I take advantage of a similar market inefficiency as Mark did with my Weekend Trader strategy.
  • Want to learn how to trade options like Mark? Sign up here!

Watch the video below now for lessons from Mark’s big trade!

YouTube Video

Mark is just one of my 20+ millionaire students for the Trading Challenge. Students get access to all my top trading educational resources — video lessons, DVDs, webinars, and my chat room. If you’re ready to learn the same process and patterns — apply to join today!

Get inspired by Mark’s big win and congratulate him in a comment below!

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